Our Team

We have a fantastic team working from the main office in Turkey.
The team consists of highly knowledgeable people in their field of work.

The team designs and makes their own boats after many years spent researching the parasailing builders of the world. Hundreds of boats were tested to find both the positives and negatives of the boats, and with this knowledge built parasailing boats with the most expertise, to be the best boats on the water.

The team made the first hydraulic winch system. We put our experience into every boat we build, we have a passion for quality and creating the best boats in the world.

Alp Aksu


The owner of the business, Alp, is a warm person with a great passion for water sports. He has been a water sport enthusiast from a young age. He learnt to waterski at just 5 years old!

Alp has participated in many sports throughout the years and has been successful in many disciplines.
At age 18 he was the Turkey Slalom champion
At age 19 he was the Turkey and European Slalom Champion

During 1989 Alp started to create his own water sport centres in and around Turkey. Alp had 12 water sport bases, and bought his first parasailing boat in Turkey. He worked in water sport for more than 20 years. In 2002 he sold all of the water sport bases and started to consult for the Robinson Club in Turkey.


  • Tanzania

  • India

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • And many more….

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